Stories in the Wild

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Debut collection OUT OF WATER to be released in November 1st, 2019 from JournalStone/Trepidatio Publishing!

“Into the Wood” forthcoming in the Pareidolia anthology from Black Shuck Books, July 2019

Debut novel THE BONE WEAVER’S ORCHARD February 2019 by Journalstone/Trepidatio Publishing

“Endoskeletal” reprint in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year vol 10, June 2018

“Still Life with Natalie” in Suspended in Dusk 2 from Grey Matter Press, July 2018

“Tall Grass, Shallow Water” in Lamplight, Vol. 6, issue 2, December 2017

“Dead Man’s Curve” in The Shadow Booth, December 2017

“The Eyes of Salton Sea” in California Screamin’ anthology, October 2017

“Intersect” at GamutOctober 2017

“Through Gravel” in Behold!: Oddities Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders from Crystal Lake Publishing, July 2017

“Endoskeletal” in Black Static #59, July 2017

“That’s for Remembrance” in Menacing Hedge Summer 2017

“Golden Avery” reprinted in Gamut, June 2017

“Thorn Tongue” in Gamut vol 4, April 2017

“In Tongues” in Menacing Hedge Fall 2016 (nominated for Best of the Net 2017)

“Making Monsters” in Stupefying Stories, August 2016

“The Eye Liars” in Exigencies anthology from Dark House Press, June 2015

“Magnifying Glass” in Black Static #46, May 2015

“Grave Mother” in The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2014.

“Lonely Margaret’s Pepper” at Revolt Daily, October 2014

“Quarter Turn to Dawn” in Suspended in Dusk anthology, Books of the Dead Press, September 2014

“Golden Avery” in Black Static #40, May 2014

“Inquisition” at Revolt Daily, May 2014

“Perfect Pease” in Pantheon Magazine Aphrodite issue, April 2014

“Grave Mother” in Vine Leaves Literary Journal issue #9, January 2014 (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Pomegranate Wine” in Pantheon Magazine Dionysus issue, January 2014


5 comments on “Stories in the Wild

  1. Rob F says:

    I thought ‘Endoskeletal’ in the lastest issue of Black Static was tremendous – thanks for writing it.

  2. Matt Andrew says:

    You’re one of the best writers around. Keep it up!!!!!!!

  3. Jessica Graeber says:

    Hello Sarah!

    I hope it’s okay to ask here, but I saw your review on the Pen Addict for the Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebook. I was wondering if you had any Iroshizuku inks and if so, did they play well with this Notebook? I have the Kokuyo Campus and noticed it doesn’t particularly care for Iro inks, unfortunately. Thank you in advance for the help! ❤

    • Hi Jessica! I just tested out some Iro ink (Ina Ho) on my Kokuyo notebook (in the soft ring, not a Campus, as I don’t have one on hand right now) and it did very well. I know a lot of notebook companies have paper that sometimes varies in quality. I wonder if the Campus uses different paper! I’ll have to pick one up soon and play. 🙂

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