A Thing I’ve Been Meaning to Do

We have somehow, stubbornly, reached 2018—and so I will try to breathe life back into this blog. It’s A Thing I’ve Been Meaning To Do, and now seems to be the time for doing such things.

So, as we spin into another year, here is what I’m up to.

What I’m writing: I’m working on the first draft of my second novel manuscript. It’s going to be about twice as long as my first, it looks like—which is both thrilling and daunting. I’m also compiling a list of my published stories for a possible collection. My first novel manuscript is floating quietly in submission land. I’m ignoring the siren’s call of short story submissions right now while I try to finish this book. It’s difficult. There are so many good calls out there right now. Like this one. And here. And this one. And this. And of course this one… Please send them your stories.

more milestone

What I’m editing: I’m currently at sea in the very best slush pile ever. Our Gorgon anthology opened at the beginning of the month and I already have difficult decisions to make. Almost 200 of them, so far. I’ve got a lot of reading to do. Thank gods for my helpful first readers. Amazing cover art by Daniele Serra.


What I’m reading: Besides a LOT of slush… I’ve just finished Nnedi Okorafor’s first Binti novella, and then immediately grabbed the second one. Beautiful and moving sci-fi. I’m also just starting Adam Nevill’s House of Small Shadows and Caitlin Kiernan’s Alabaster. To take the edge off, I’ve just listened to Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy—which I enjoyed, but didn’t find as fun as her first book.

This month’s tools: Right now, I’m writing in a Graphilo notebook, a Midori MD B6 slim notebook (this is quickly becoming a favorite), a Barnes & Noble leather journal, and assorted pocket notebooks. I’m using a Sailor 1911 standard Anderson Pens exclusive Peacock edition that my hubby got me for our anniversary (good lad), two Karas Kustoms Decographs in the dark green and 1703 Winter’s Tale limited edition. It’s indulgence at its best. For the pen pr0n, check out my Instagram feed @inkwellmonster.


Other bits: Tomorrow I will spend the day in Madison with a friend from my writing group. We will have tea and play pens and knit and it will be wonderful. Right now, I’m knitting a sweater for my niece and a cowl with some beautiful handspun sent to me by a BFF in New Zealand. I’m battling the urge to start about a dozen projects. I’m ignoring over a dozen others.

In the coming weeks, I hope to post more book reviews, more interviews with my lovely author and editor friends, more pens. Between times, hit me up on Twitter anytime @inkwellmonster.


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