Editing Services

I am accepting new freelance editing clients! I have many years of experience editing both fiction and nonfiction for private clients and large companies. I have worked as a professional editor in the publishing industry and as a private editor for authors who have gone on to make many pro sales. Contact me to discuss your project!


$1/page for line edits. I will read through your manuscript and hunt down typos and grammatical errors. This is proofreading for a manuscript that is nearly ready but just needs a bit of polish.

$2/page for copyedits. I will read your manuscript, check for consistency, and make suggestions for style and wording. I’ll address issues such as the flow of sentences and the overall structure of the piece. I’ll also check for any continuity errors.

$3/page for developmental edits. I will analyze character, structure, plot, and theme for your manuscript and make suggestions to strengthen the work. This is for manuscripts that are still in early drafts and need a full analysis.

$4/page for all of the above. I will tear that sucker apart. Lovingly.


“Sarah has an equally discerning eye in both the precision of grammar and the art of storytelling. Her skill at editing will make a story sing and captivate. She’s been a major factor in the improvement and success of my fiction for several years now.”  –Matt Andrew

“Sarah has a great eye for the details, delving deep into the words to bring the heart of the story front and center. After an editing pass, I always have a better grip of direction in my work, ideas for improvement, and tools for the next piece. Pantheon Magazine has put out stronger fiction, due to her editorial skills and leadership.” –Mathew Allan Garcia